There are dreamers, and then there are doers.

Victoria Westcott is both.

A teacher/recruiter turned movie producer, Victoria can light up a boardroom just as well as a classroom with her infectious enthusiasm for networking, collaboration, and creative problem-solving.

She’s traveled to the far corners of the world on behalf of environmental and charitable groups, and thanks to her talent for making connections, in 2011 she managed to rub shoulders with Hollywood luminaries at Oscar parties, where she talked up her debut film Locked in a Garage Band, which she produced and her older sister Jennifer wrote and directed.

Born in Canada and a teacher by training, Victoria worked in inner-city schools in London and wrote an award-winning e-book full of advice for Canadians who plan to teach in the U.K. A dynamic, engaging communicator, she’s become a sought-after speaker on several topics, especially crowd-funding and teaching abroad.

Victoria is available to speak to your group or organization about teaching abroad, filmmaking, or crowd-funding. For bookings or other inquiries, please visit http://allthingspositivity.com/services-offered/bookme/

Written by Brian Hartz.


Victoria Westcott is a Film Producer, Recruitment Specialist and Professional Speaker with expertise in producing, crowdfunding, teaching abroad & living the life of your dreams. In the past 8 years she has helped thousands of teachers make the move to teaching in London, England and produced her first feature length film, LOCKED IN A GARAGE BAND. Her speaking engagements have included McGill University, Ted X Victoria, University of Victoria, Austin Film Festival, Social Media Camp and Screenwriting Expo among others.

Victoria has a Bachelor of Education from Queen’s University, a Bachelor of Arts (Geography) from Carleton University and a Producers’ Degree from Hollywood Film Institute. She is the recipient of the Honorable Member Award for Self-Published Non-Fiction Ebook from Writer’s Digest, 2010 and listed in the Stanford Who’s Who 2012. She is an active member of Cinevic, Victoria’s film cooperative and she has volunteered in Costa Rica, Guatemala & Bangladesh in forest preservation and health education.

Interviews with Victoria have appeared in Macleans, Yahoo News, MSN.Com, MO.com, CUPwire, Business News Daily and Times Colonist. She is a regular guest speaker at McGill University.

When not working, Victoria likes to drink wine, watch movies & read books. She also travels the world by house sitting. The worst job she ever had was treeplanting in British Columbia. The only job she’s ever been fired from was mystery shopping. She lasted one day.